'Nothing matters very much, and few things matter at all' - Arthur Balfour, Conservative Prime Minister 1902-05

what other stuff?

And what sort of name is 'other stuff' for a page on a respectable website? Well, the previous pages contain articles that I've had published in one place or another, along with material relating to the practice of medicine. On this page I've included articles that either didn't get published or that did appear in print but are on more general, usually non-medical, topics. If any of them mention 'The Newsletter' that's because they were initially written for a medical newsletter I contribute to.

travellers' tales 

I do a bit of hill-walking with a colleague from my RAF days who lives fairly close to me in the North of England, and in recent years we have started going further afield than the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District. In 2006, we did the trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, and here and here are a couple of pieces I wrote about the experience, the first of which was rejected by The Oldie magazine. No critical judgement, some people. In 2008 we 'did' the Atlas mountains, and got to the top of the highest one - Jebel Toubkal. Haven't written anything about that yet, though.                 

opinionated *******, isn't he?

The good thing about a website is that it gives you chance to sound off about things that interest/excite/irritate you (but mostly, with me, irritation seems to be the stimulus). Here are a few pieces doing just that, on topics as diverse as free-loading patients taking advantage of the NHS, euthanasia, and the increasing use of first names by people who have never met you. And here's a rant on the topic (covered to the point of exhaustion elsewhere on this site) of the widespread public misunderstanding of the limitations of medical science and practice.

The next two pieces appeared in the now defunct Yorkshire Medicine; one contains musings on the way that aging docs get overtaken by changes in technology and medical practice generally, and the other is just one more unfocussed rant stimulated by the arrival of a New Year. And this one was an article in the Newsletter I mentioned above, reporting on one of my brushes with nature red in tooth and claw.

go on - sue me

If you are constructing a site like this, you have to be careful about including comments on individuals, lest they sue you. When I start to worry about things like that, I'm encouraged by the memory of this brief exchange of letters between Private Eye (a UK satirical magazine) and a potential litigant.